Transforming companies from places where people need to work to places where people want to work. - Jasper Deprez Co-founder CEO Tradler

Tradler is a SaaS improving employee engagement, experience and provide leaders and managers with valuable insights. Employees receive instantly points for their work and contributions, which they can later exchange for a gift to their choosing. Pulse surveys and productivity metrics provide leaders the data which allows them to give the right attention to the right person at the right moment.

  • SaaS Platform
  • Automation
  • Customized
  • API integration
  • Integrated into existing infrastructure
  • GDPR Compliant

Pulse survey

See engagement from an individual level to company wide.

Benefit incentives

Inspire employees with personalized incentives.


The art of “thank you”.

Gamification of productivity

Reward actions and contributions when it happens in realtime.