Two words that can change your business

And have a tremendous impact on the success of your business

‘Thank you’ are two of the most powerful words in existence. Genuine appreciation can uplift and inspire people and will win you more friends and allies than almost any other type of communication. For anyone in a relationship, you know that appreciation is the glue that holds it together. And, if you want somebody to repeat an action, shower them with appreciation and they will be full of motivation to repeat that action.


We all need appreciation. The more the better. One of the top reasons that relationships fail is due to a lack of appreciation. We start to take the things people do for granted. You expect people to do certain things without acknowledgment and are surprised to hear that they feel under-appreciated. Taking out the trash or doing the dishes is their job and that’s the arrangement you’ve settled into. Why should you go out of your way to say thank you for something they should do anyway? Very simple...People love to be appreciated! They love to be valued. They love knowing that another person recognizes their hard work and contributions. To appreciate someone is to show that you care about them and value what they do.  


We could confidently say that 99% of humanity feels that they don’t receive all the appreciation they deserve. Whether at home, at work, or with friends, feeling under-appreciated is universal. We have all had that experience where someone gave us a heap of appreciation for something we did and, man, did we feel proud.  Most of us immediately started thinking about how we could repeat that action to win that praise again.  


You can probably see where this is going and I think it’s a bit crazy that individuals and companies are not embracing this natural law to its fullest. People will perform at their very best when they are appreciated and recognized sincerely and regularly.  We’re talking about every-single-day. Yes, we said it: every single day...multiple times a day. Being appreciated, thanked and recognized makes us want to repeat the thing that got us the recognition...and usually to repeat it with more passion and enthusiasm to win even greater appreciation. People will strive and go to great lengths to exceed the expectations of those that appreciate and compliment them.


Every single one of us should be using this principle to enhance our personal and professional relationships. It’s easy and it makes everyone feel good. I can promise you that the effect of doubling, tripling or 10Xing the appreciation you give, will blow your mind and have countless other positive side effects.


For businesses, if you have not introduced a recognition system for your people to share appreciation with one another, you are missing out on a massive opportunity to see your people performing at their very best. A tool like Tradler, that let’s managers and team members give each other fun, personalized recognitions with rewards attached, has a huge impact on productivity and engagement. Tradler is offering their recognition platform for free right now, so check it out here.


Giving more appreciation can change your life. Another great thing about appreciation is the more you give, the more you get. Humans are wired to even the score and the law of reciprocation will make sure that appreciation comes right back to you in no time. 


Life can be challenging, especially in moments like we are seeing in the world today and people desperately need to feel appreciated. You have the power to make a positive impact on everyone you interact with. It’s as easy as pie and you will feel like a superhero. We challenge you to be that superhero. Praise your spouse, your kids, your co-workers, your boss, the people working in healthcare and at the supermarket, your mailman, your parents and anyone else you can. Use the superpower of appreciation and watch your world change for the better.



If you have thoughts, ideas, or opinions about appreciation and how to use it please share them in the comments.


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Maryama Marong

Maryama Marong

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