How virtual high fives increase employee motivation?

Leading to higher productivity

It feels good when your manager or colleague shows up at the office and thank you for some task you've done or for your work on the last project - doesn’t it?


Considering Maslow's pyramid in which basic human needs are set in a hierarchy, this is related to the psychological need for having a sense of accomplishment or sharing a connection to a group, fostering significant relationships.

Research from Gallup shows that recognized employees are more satisfied, less stressed and that brings an increase in productivity and customer satisfaction too. Companies with engaged employees are 21% more profitable. This is not a complex matter, it all goes back to fulfilling a basic human need.


In recent days, many of us must remain at home because of the Covid-19 crisis, an unprecedented conjunctural factor that has forced us to improvise with remote work. According to Prof. Adolfo Ramírez, whose expertise lies in digital transformation, the trend of working from home will catch on - even after the crisis has passed. Do we believe that it’s necessary to work in office 5 out of 5 working days?

At Tradler, we have been operating remotely since we started and over the years we used different techniques to feel grateful, recognized and connected to our team members. One of the ways in which we accomplish this is through the use of our own software just as our clients do. Through our platform, team members earn points for their daily contributions that later can be exchanged for incentives of their choice or to make donations to NGOs. One of the ways to get them is by receiving virtual pats on the back from your manager or your colleagues.


Employees of our clients have been giving recognitions varying from "thank you for being the soul of the company", "thank you for helping me in the correction of this text" or "thank you for getting a meeting with this company, we have been behind them for some time". When you are being productive at home, it is also appreciated that you receive these types of messages from your manager or colleagues for your daily actions.

It requires practically no effort and the benefit is huge. Furthermore, according to the results that we have obtained with our clients. If people receive more than 1.6 meaningful recognitions per week, engagement goes up significantly. Recognizing even small actions can lead to a feeling of accomplishment. 


In summary, weekly virtual high fives that require small input can have a big impact on the productivity of the workforce from wherever they may work.

Let's make people feel even more important in their home office for their small tasks or actions. Want to learn how you can boost your team’s productivity and gain business success through employee engagement? Get in touch. 

Author: Marc Blay

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Maryama Marong

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