5 tips to improve your digital communication

Using digital tools like Slack or Teams

Now, more than ever, we are communicating with our colleagues through written messages. Whether it be an email, a message on slack, or an IM using WhatsApp, it is important that we be concise and clear in the messages we are sending.


I’ve put together 5 tips that will save time and make sure your colleagues get the point the first time around.


1) Keep it simple

None of us wants to waste time.  There is nothing worse than having to read the equivalent of the Lord of the Rings for what could be a simple message.  Get straight to the point and cut out all the fat.  This will save your time and the reader’s time.



2) No formal greetings

Another time-waster is the formal written greeting.  Starting with “Hi Bob” while you wait to type/ think about what you’re going to write, leaves Bob staring at his screen wondering when the hell you’re going to type something meaningful.  Just start directly with the comment or question and save Bob from waiting anxiously for you to get to the point.


3) Don’t overthink it

A LOT of time can be wasted trying to craft the perfect message.  Perfect is not what we are aiming for when it comes to communicating with your colleagues.  Without being sloppy, get the message out and move on.


4) Be polite

Like your parents told you, “remember your please and thank you’s” I know I said to dispense with the formal greetings, but being polite in your messages is essential if you don’t want to come off as a demanding jerk.  Emails and other written messages cannot convey the tone or emotion you would normally use when speaking to someone in person or over the phone.  It’s important that you use some words to convey a positive and polite tone. No need to go overboard with this.  A simple please and thank you will usually do the trick. 


5) Give lots of recognition

We all love to be appreciated, to be told ‘thank you’ and to be complimented for our good work.  According to a study by Yale University, people who are given at least 1 recognition per day are 40% more engaged.  Keep your team members happy and become everyone’s favorite colleague by giving lots of recognitions and words of encouragement.  Tools like, Tradler can help managers and team members share recognitions that are meaningful and fun.  Adding more recognition and appreciation will work wonders for morale and team culture.


With more people working remotely, communicating in an efficient and effective manner is essential.  If you have more tips on how to better communicate with written messages, please comment with your ideas.


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Author: Paul Lloyd

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