Recognize daily contributions and have happier employees.

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Employee engagement is built by celebrating the day to day contributions of every individual.

Our results:


Increased productivity


Reduced employee rotation


Increased use of internal tools


Increased employee engagement

Our software

Tradler is a SaaS for improving employee engagement, experience and provides leaders and managers with valuable insights. Employees instantly receive points for their work and contributions, which they can later exchange for a gift of their choosing. Pulse surveys and productivity metrics provide leaders with data that allows them to give the right attention to the right person at the right moment.

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Stephan Wiepjes

Stephan Wiepjes

Sandd B.V.

With Tradler you are able to create a flexible and personalized loyalty system which works for every Individual, giving your employees the right attention at the right moment. As an extra service, you can use this performance data to get Insights and optimize your recruitment funnels. Put these two things together and Tradler has created an invaluable service for our team members and leadership.

Erwin Midden

Erwin Midden

Team manager, Sandd

Thanks to Tradler I can easily manage and recognize the 130 people in my team.

Jasper van den Breul

Jasper van den Breul

Sitemanager, Sandd

I am impressed with the energy and knowhow of the Tradler team!

Martijn Tomassen

Martijn Tomassen

Manager mobility and recruitment, Sandd

Tradler helps us easily recognize our 20.000 mailmen daily.

How we distribute points

Tailored to your needs


Automatically reward your team in realtime for the work they do

leads made

Connect your productivity tools and get real-time updates.


Give virtual high fives to all team members.

Popular recognitions
Company culture

You can set recognition to enforce company culture


Small actions

Use recognitions to thank team members for small contributions


Custom recognition

Allow managers and team members to give each other recognition



Allow your team to earn badges based on secondary KPI's

Upcoming milestones

Complete 5 E-learnings


Time in company


200 deals closed


Pulse survey

See engagement from an individual level to company wide.

Benefit incentives

Inspire employees with personalized incentives.

Companies we work with

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